Marie Green is a leading hair professional based in Indiana & Florida.

She is the most sought after Great Lengths Hair Extension professional in the Indianapolis area. Marie also provides Natural Beaded Rows and the Kacey Welch Method.

With over 30 years experience, her meticulous attention to detail with this luxury hair extension treatment has her clients feeling confident, comfortable and strikingly beautiful through her work.

Marie’s work has been seen on Miss Indiana USA & Miss Teen Indiana USA, NFL & NBA cheerleaders, Indianapolis Monthly, Top Fashion influencers, and your close Friends & Family!

I have my dream hair and I don’t think I will ever be able to live without it again! These are worth every penny.




I’ve ALWAYS wanted thick, long, beautiful hair.

For years and years I’d grow it only to find that I have thin, limp, stringy “long” hair. I was about to chop it off as I was coming to grips that I would never have Victoria Secret Angle hair, but then I discovered Marie!

I’ve done extensive research on different types of extensions, and I soon discovered Great Lengths Hair Extensions are in a whole league of their own. Marie had a glowing reputation for being the very best, so I had to give her a shot. She FAR exceeded my expectations! Not only was she fast and efficient, but the quality of her work is just flawless. I’ve had many other stylists look at the extensions she put in and they all said the same thing “they are applied perfectly.” Her quality is fantastic, but her eye for color and placement was amazing! I’m obsessed with the color! And I’ve never experienced extensions that are so comfortable.

I completely forget I have them in until I look in the mirror. I can brush my scalp, wear a messy bun, run my fingers through it with ease and can go a week or more without needing to wash it. It holds the curl just beautifully, I touch it up maybe 1-2 times a week. Keep in mind, I workout 2 hours every day… impressive doesn’t cover it! I have my dream hair and I don’t think I will ever be able to live without it again! These are worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and give her a try, I promise she won’t disappoint!

Thank you Marie for completely changing my hair and helping me feel so confident and beautiful!


After I got married, I did the post-wedding chop. I loved my short hair for about 2 weeks and then regretted all of my scissor happy decisions.

I found Marie through her support of Miss Indiana USA. I checked out her work and knew I needed her to do my extensions.

Four sets later and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Marie is simply the best from her technique to the education she provides for her clients. Marie is always available to offer suggestions and style my lush locks when I’m in need of some help.

My Great Lengths are now a part of me and my personal brand. Thanks to Marie, I am able to create the styles I love and have the most beautiful set of extensions in Indy. Thank You Marie!

- Steph weber

Thank you Marie for bringing my hair back to life! I am in love with my extensions and I forget that they are even there! I love how I can wear my hair in a braid, bun, pony tale, and straight and I cannot see the extensions. Before getting my extensions, I struggled getting my hair to grow out for years and now I have the length I always wanted thanks for Marie. I have not experienced any damage in my hair and I almost feel as if my hair is able to grow stronger because of the extensions protecting it. I know that I can trust Marie and that she will give me the best results every time. She is the best in the industry and has the the 30+ years of experience to prove it.

- Ashley Bell

I don’t have enough good things to say about the work that Marie did for me and my hair. I was very self conscious because of thinning hair and she completely transformed my look!

The main reason I got extensions was for my destination wedding, but I have gotten so many compliments from day to day wearing them as well. She took away one of the big stresses for me by making my hair beautiful and me not self conscious! My stylist on the big day was amazed at how well done the extensions were and how good she made my hair look. I am so grateful!





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